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VW 2.8L 12v - Forced Induction Tune

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EuroCustoms Tuning 2.8L Forced Induction Tune - VW 2.8L 12v vr6

The EuroCustoms 2.8L forced induction tune is equipped with an increased RPM limiter, removed speed limiter, improved throttle response and an increase in fuel economy.

Tune is designed for GT30/GT35 or similar size turbo and 440cc injectors. Upgraded short runner intake, full exhaust, 4" MAF and manual boost controller are required. Upgraded rods are highly recommended. Gains will vary. Deletes are NOT available.

Tune offers the following options:

  • 2 step @ 3600 RPM
  • No lift shift @ 6000
  • Immobilizer defeated

Please include year, model and transmission (5 spd, 6 spd, auto) for your vehicle in a note when placing your order. Failure to include this info will result in a delay in fulfillment.

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