Chickens, Pigs and a Skinned Bear...

That's how our journey started. Our parents were finally tired of our cars taking up their garage bays. We rented half of a pole barn on a farm in Harleysville, PA in January of 2014. The night we signed the lease we met the landlord in his butcher shop...with a fully skinned bear hanging in the next room. Chickens often hung out on the roofs of the cars. Pigs venturing into the shop was business as usual.
Plot twist - we had to pay for this shop. So we bought a 98 Jetta GLX, dark green with leather interior and that classic vr6 sound. We fixed it, sold it and said let's try it again. We found a mk4 Jetta to fix and another mk4 Jetta to supply the parts. We stripped that Jetta, sold the parts we didn't need and we've been on this ride ever since. We've been through five shops since that pole barn. Settling is not in our nature. We have been, and continue to be, committed to consistent improvement.
Today, our focus is on providing the most extensive, most accessible enthusiast focused new and used Volkswagen parts inventory available. We believe in the importance of an enjoyable purchasing experience and a high level of customer service. We feel this industry has room to grow in those areas and we intend to lead the charge. We understand the passion that drives the commitment to your car and we pride ourselves on bringing that same level of passion to this business each day.
We can't get enough OEM+ goodness.
We're fans of quality parts and purpose built cars.
We respect anyone that has the vision to be different in this hobby.
We're here to help build the community and to help you build your car.
Now let's get that project done!