The JunkFood Meet 2023 - A Sweet Way to Spend a Fall Sunday

The JunkFood Meet 2023 - A Sweet Way to Spend a Fall Sunday

Maybe we're getting older. Or maybe our outlook is skewed because we deal with these cars every day. But car shows, for the most part, have gotten stale. We find a park, maybe with some water or a notable feature, and we pack it full of cars. Line by line, row by row. We stick some vendors in one spot. Food in another. And we mosey around until it becomes too hot to handle or too redundant to continue.

Enter JunkStyles and The JunkFood Meet. Now don't get it twisted, there are still rows of cars parked up and vendors present. But the location makes all the difference. The meet occupies City Island in Harrisburg PA, a small island in the middle of the Susquehanna River that is home to a walking trail, a mini golf course and a minor league baseball stadium. Oh, and some of the best colors for fall photo shoots (even with grey skies). The meet spans the majority of the island, and this year included things like a food truck row, a barber shop, a photography auction and some generation specific displays. It's an all makes, all models event that brings our Euro crowd together with imports, muscle, low riders and just about any other type of build you could imagine. You'll catch a few costumes throughout. And a whole lot of candy.

For the second year in a row we occupied a back corner spot under the trees and stuffed it with as many mk4s as we could round up. The organizers told us to make it look "like Worthersee" - which we took to mean make it not look boring - and we feel we nailed that with a scattered display of just over 40 mk4s nestled within the trees and leaves. For the second year in a row the mk4 community showed out, and for the second year in a row we heard many pieces of feedback along the lines of "best display at the show" and "impressive quality in the display". We couldn't be more stoked on it!

Between the turnout on a rainy Sunday in October and the success of our Golden Hour meet at L'oe Show you all have us in our feels heavy. We're happy to be a part of this community. And very thankful to receive the support that we do from all of you. We're looking forward to growing this display, and we hope you'll bring your mk4 out help us get to 50+ at JunkFood 2024. See you this Saturday For the DCI VW Toys for Tots meet at FDR Park as we come together to collect toys for the kids and help bring some much needed joy to others this holiday season!

photos by: Frank W. Saylor