EuroCustoms Tuning - FAQ

This checklist provides a list of frequently asked questions regarding EuroCustoms tunes.

I need a replacement ECU. Which option do I purchase?
For customer's needing a replacement ECU please select the TUNE + ECU CORE option when making your purchase.

Where do I send my ECU for an immobilizer defeat or tune?
40 Penn Road
Pottstown, PA 19464

Can I run the Stage 2 tune on a stock car?
Yes! The EuroCustoms Stage 2 tune is designed to be run on the factory setup. Vehicles running this tune will benefit from installing an upgrade intake, exhaust and diverter valve.

Why do I have a rough idle/misfire after installing my tuned ECU?
This is most often due to bad spark plugs and/or coil packs. EuroCustoms tunes should be paired with OEM coil packs and NGK BKR7E spark plugs gapped to .028.

Why won't my 2 step activate?
The 2 step feature pulls data from the ABS and traction control systems in order to function. Any issues with these systems will stop the feature from operating properly - ABS light, traction control light or brake light on the cluster is a dead giveaway of issues. Problems with the clutch switch or neutral safety switch will also stop this feature but issues with those two parts will not be as easily found.

Why won't my car make proper boost pressure?
Boost issues can stem from a number of sources. Vacuum leaks are a common culprit. Once all vac leaks are repaired, testing functionality of the N75 valve, diverter valve and wastegate actuator are all good steps to take.

I'm having issues with my car after installing my tune. Can you help?
Yes! But please do not come unprepared. We CANNOT assist with diagnosing issues without some type of scan to understand what codes may be present. A VAGCOM scan is preferred as this will provide the most comprehensive info. Please come to us with info on the issues you're experiencing AND any codes that are being thrown.

Please note - we will NOT assist in diagnosing problems based purely on feel, experience, one off situations, weird noises or other general statements. You MUST come with info in order for us to assist.