This checklist provides a quick reference for things to consider before purchase, during install and after installing your EuroCustoms tune.

Before Your Tune:

  • Repair vacuum leaks
  • Repair exhaust leaks - specifically where turbo meets manifold and turbo meets downpipe
  • Repair any issues causing a check engine light

When Installing Your Tune:

  • You MUST install new spark plugs!
  • 1.8t & 2.0t: use NGK BRK7E or BKR7Eix gapped to .028
  • vr6: use NGK BKR5EKU
  • OEM coil packs should be used. 1.8t will work but 2.0t have been noted to perform better when paired with a tuned ECU
  • Change your engine oil and oil filter - you'll be asking a lot out of your engine. Make sure its ready to handle it.

After Installing Your Tune:

  • Monitor spark plug condition every other oil change and replace as necessary
  • Repair engine related issues ASAP when they come up - small issues will be accentuated on a tuned setup