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Engine - 1.8t AWP - Mildly Built

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Mk4 1.8t AWP built engine. Mileage on the rebuild is unknown. Engine was removed from a vehicle with 125k miles.

  • IE rifle drilled rods
  • ARP rod bolts
  • Mahle bearings

This unit was installed in a car that suffered an engine bay fire. We were not able to see the unit run ourselves because of that but did see more than one video of the engine running before the fire. Engine rotates by hand without an issue and does create compression.

The oil cap melted in the fire and dropped melted plastic into the cylinder head. Camshafts may be in need of replacement due to exposure to the heat when the oil cap melted. We would strongly suggest splitting this unit apart to ensure its clean before running again. Engine mount bracket and belt tensioner are not included.