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We Are Hiring!

One Love Auto Group LLC
Job Title: Operations Assistant
Position Type: Full Time
Location: Pottstown, PA 19464
Start Date: ASAP
Compensation: Hourly based on experience, no benefits

Who We Are
One Love Auto Group is a used auto parts supplier that specializes in providing parts for Volkswagen Anniversary models to enthusiasts and shops alike. This business grew from a love for cars and the community and found a home in the passionate following behind VW and the mk4 generation. We’re a team of three focused, driven friends that’s looking to add a fourth member that fits that same mold. We have been blessed with great support from the community and with that has come the responsibility to deliver. We recognize our opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the automotive industry and we work daily with that goal in mind.

Who We Need
We are searching for an individual to come into the business and fill the role of the fourth pillar of our foundation. The last few years have brought about unforeseen growth and with it many responsibilities to manage. Everyone on our team wears multiple hats on a regular basis and this search is focused on finding a fourth individual that is capable of doing the same. It will be expected that this person can take direction when given, work effectively on their own or with little oversight when need be and think for themselves. This new member of the team will be added with a focus on rapid business development and will have the opportunity to grow along with us for years to come. We are a loyal group that recognizes the work that’s put in to make this business run and we intend to have a hyper focus on growth for the people that ride with us.

This individual will not report to any one superior in the traditional sense but will instead be part of our effort to run the business with a collaborative environment that fuels further growth. While the workload will be assigned and scheduled for them, we pride ourselves on involving all members of the team in discussions about what the business is doing today, the problems we face both inside and outside of the shop and where the business is headed in the future.


  • Pick up and deliver whole cars, rolling shells, parts etc using a business vehicle (pick up truck or rollback depending on capabilities).
  • Handle all scrap, primarily transporting stripped vehicles to the scrap yard and managing the scrap storage process at our shop.
  • Assisting in the process of preparing inventory to be sold including cleaning parts, whole cars etc.
  • Assisting in the customer service process (primarily with walk-in customers) when necessary.
  • Odd jobs around the shop including moving cars, lending a hand with other work when needed, running out to pick up supplies, cleaning the shop etc.
  • Be ready to work hard.
  • Be able to take direction and complete tasks at a high level with a focus on quality.
  • Be able to think for yourself and problem solve to get things done when needed.
  • Experience in the automotive world in some capacity - enthusiast, professional etc - the more the better.
  • Experience towing a vehicle with a car trailer including proper understanding of how to secure a load.
  • Experience in basic customer service situations.
  • Valid license and clean driving record.
  • High school education.

Interested candidates should send us their resume, full contact information and other pertinent information via email to employment@oneloveautogroup.com.