Frank W Saylor

Product Manager
2002 337 GTI
 Frank comes to us with our favorite mix of skills - the knowledge of an enthusiast paired with experience in the industry. With an education in photography and a background in dealership product display, Frank's skill set is very much at home here. He handles all things related to the products we carry - quality control, photos, website management and more. As well as serving as our go to source for any quirks we run into. And you can bet he's utilizing his position to stash a few parts for his 337 GTI along the way.


Nick Lanzilotti

Chief Wrench Officer/Head Technician
1992 Montana Green GTI 12v turbo
 Nick brings together his passion for Volkswagen and his focus on quality work to head up all things wrench turning here at the shop. Whether we're stripping for parts, servicing for resale, or repairing for a customer Nick has the hands you want in your corner. With years of experience working on and owning mk4 platform cars he is well versed in 12v vr6, 24v vr6, 3.2L vr6 and 1.8t applications. His past mk4 24v turbo builds have provided the experience necessary to tackle challenging one off issues. And his current mk2 12v turbo GTI ensures his passion for all things VW continues to thrive.


Anthony Gawell

Chief Operating Officer/Head of Shipping
2012 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI
 Anthony handles our behind the scenes operations like warehouse and supply management, and is a one man force as the head of (and lone ranger in) our shipping department. His focus day in and day out is ensuring the products you trust us to provide arrive safely and securely every time you order, sometimes going a bit over the top in the process! When he's not buried in packing peanuts you'll find him at work improving our inventory management system or organizing the shop for more effective operation. As a man with two kids, Anthony enjoys his Euro fix in a more refined manner - with the daily comfort of his Q7 TDI.


Bryan Port

2002 337 GTI
 Bryan is the head of the operation here. He wears a few hats - customer service, inventory management, website development and social media management - and is the shop utility player out of necessity. He's the guy you'll get on the phone or through a message. And the one you'll see hop out of our tow vehicle if you sell us a car locally. No matter which responsibility he is covering his focus remains the same as it was day one - providing a high quality product backed by a high level of service. You'll catch him cruising the shops 337 GTI now and then. And he'll always try to keep a few more cars to enjoy if space allows.